Mariel Baqueiro wins the prize for Best Camera awarded by the Verband der Deutschen Filmkritik (German Film Critics Association)

The Prize of German Film Critics is the only German film prize awarded exclusively by critics. The prize has an impressive reputation, and is not based on economic, country, or political criteria, but solely on an artistic criterion. In the past, the prize was also awarded to outstanding films and directors of the year; it was awarded for the first time in 1956.

This year, the prize for the best camera was awarded to DFFB graduate Mariel Baqueiro, presented by the German Film Critics Association. The award went to her work on HAGAZUSSA (D/S: Lukas Feigelfeld, C: Mariel Baquiero, P: Simon Lubinsky, Lukas Feigelfeld). Through her impressive images, Mariel creates a fightening atmosphere hat captivates. Her camera work enables a deep immersion of the protagnist. In the whirlpool of psychedelic-ecstatic image sequences, action and reaction fall into one and make it difficult for us to make a moral judgement – a real visual experience for the audience. HAGAZUSSA already gained admiration during the First Steps Award 2018, winning the Michael Ballhaus Award for the Best Cinematography, which was endowed with a €10,000 award.

We congratulate Mariel on this new award!

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