Who can apply? Are there tuition fees? How old should applicants be? Here you can find answers to these questions.

Who can apply?

Applicants should be 21 years old at the beginning of their studies. Practical experience or academic degrees in related fields are not requirements, but increase the chance of admission.

To enrol in studies at the DFFB, candidates must go through a comprehensive application process. The DFFB invites a small proportion of applicants to attend a one-week entrance examination at the academy. This examination is overseen by an examination board.

Final qualifications?

All graduates receive a DFFB certificate.

The DFFB does not offer master’s or bachelor’s degrees. For directing, producing, cinematography and editing students, the curriculum ends with the production and completion of a graduation film. For screenwriting students, it ends with the completion of a graduation screenplay.

Is the DFFB approved by the state?

In terms of entrance requirements and scope of studies, the DFFB is comparable to German state universities of fine arts, or arts and sciences programmes of study.

How to apply and when?

October: The DFBB publishes the application information for the preselection process on its website.

November–January: The DFFB opens the period for the online application process; the deadline for all applications is at the beginning of January.

April–May: Applicants are informed of the decisions of the examination board, and a small number of applicants are invited to attend the entrance examinations

May–June: The entrance examinations take place at the DFFB in Berlin.

The candidates will be informed in advance regarding the precise dates and structure of the examination week.

How old should applicants be?

Applicants should be 21 years old at the beginning of their studies.

Which language skills are generally required?

Please note that good written and spoken German is required to study at the DFFB.

International applicants have to prove their German language skills in the form of the Goethe Certificate B2 (or equivalent), which must be presented at the start of their studies in autumn. Applicants can submit their written application in English and the oral/practical exam can be taken in English if an applicant’s German language skills are not yet sufficient.

The second language spoken at the DFFB is English. We require good English skills from all applicants.

Cost of study?

For annual registration fees and equipment insurance, the DFFB levies a surcharge of  225,00 € per academic year.

During the first six academic years, students also purchase a BVG semester ticket (participation in public transportation), which currently costs approximately 380,00 €.

How much does the BVG semester ticket cost?

The BVG semester ticket costs currently  380,00 €.

What financial support is there?

Information about financing your studies can be found at the Social Guidance Office of the studierenden WERK BERLIN.

Also, there are various ways to apply for scholarships. Helpful information can be found on the following sites, among others: Stipendium PlusDeutschlandstipendiumDAAD und Stipendium Ratgeber.


The DFFB does not have any student residences.

Information on student residences and other useful tips on the subject can also be found on the pages of the studierendenWERK BERLIN.

What about health insurance?

Every student in Germany needs to have a proof of health insurance. By having a student ID and a registered home adress you can go to any public helath insurance company to recieve a student contract. You can find more infos at the German Students Board.

What opportunities are there for university sports?

Students of the DFFB can use opportunities for university sports at other universities, e.g. at the TU Berlin.