Success for DFFB students and alumni at the 54th International Hofer Film Festival

The 54th International Hofer Film Festival has come to an end, and once again there were many offerings from the DFFB. “Home of Films” is the motto of the festival, and it describes the success of our students and alumni well.

Two of our student films celebrated their world premiere at this festival:

BABY BITCHKA (D: Anna Maria Roznowska, S: Anna Maria Roznowska & Tamara Erbe, C: Malte Siepen, P: Tamara Erbe) tells the story of Sascha (crazy, sexy, alcoholic, 23) who falls in love with Alexander (crazy, sexy, alcoholic, 60). It is the story of two people who fall in love with their alter egos.

DUC NGUYEN (D: Clara Zoe My-Linh von Arnim, S: Sebastian Ladwig, C: Raban Jakob Friedrich, P: Lucas Thiem & Janna Fodor) tells the story of three German-Vietnamese teenagers on a nocturnal search for a motorbike-riding phantom who is creating havoc on Berlin’s motorways…

LEIB (D/S: Marijana Verhoef, C: Leyla Hoppe, P: Elena Zurbuch & Elisabeth Köller) celebrated its German premiere in Hof. The film tells the story of a mysterious creature who, as a farmhand, appears in the life of an old widower to help her on her farm. However, when the creature begins to develop human feelings, their lives take a different turn.

DFFB alumna and producer Lena Vurma was awarded the VGF’s highest-endowed German prize for young producers, the VGF Young Producer Award, worth 60,000 euros, for the production of the feature film ADVENTURES OF A MATHEMATICIAN.

DFFB alumnus Marcus Lenz scored another success with his film RIVALE, which received the Förderpreis Neues Deutsches Kino for Best Film.

And last but not least, director Emily Atef, also an alumna of the DFFB, was awarded the Hans-Vogt Film Prize from the city of Rehau, endowed with 5000 Euros. This prize is awarded to filmmakers whose works are distinguished by their quality and significance and that use film music in a unique way.

We are thrilled and warmly congratulate each of them!

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