The Life of a Cat

Suddenly Johan is breaking up with her, so she finds comfort with her kindergarden friend Peter. After a Party Emma is drunk and confused, Peter is using Emmas confused mood to have sex with her. But Emma doesn’t want to sleep with her best friend. At the next morning innocent Emma is older, because she made one experience. 40 year old Emma is staying the summer between her husband, her child, a lot of toys and laundry at the small summer house at the lake. She remembers her past with Peter and her affair. When a friend of her is inviting Emma and her family to a garden party, she decides to lie. Emma tells her friend that she had to come alone, because the rest of the family is sick. On the garden party Emma is meeting a man in her age. After she decided that this would bet he chance for a small adventure, she meets the man again, next to him a 20 year old girl. Emma and the young woman are starting to fight. Emma is jealous not because of the man but because of the youth of the girl. 20 year old Emmas best friend is Peter, but she loves a much older man, with who she has an affair. She stays over the summer at a small house at a lake, which is her secret meeting point with her older boyfriend.The Party is coming to an end and Emma realizes that the young girl reminds her of herself when she was 20. She remembers the drunken night with Peter, and her bad experience. $0 year old Emma is happy, that she already went to this experiences, she is giving up the fight with the young girl. Because she is he smarter one. 60 year old Emma is in love. She feels like 20. She is taking care of her granddaughter, who can’t believe that Emmas Name is Emma not Grandma. Emma remembers her life with 20 and 40. She feels comfortable but the life is breaking through her safe world.



Daniela Schulz

Lisa Adler

Lore Stefanek

Emanuele Peters

Christian Pätzold

Norbert Hülm

Patrik Winszewski

Karoline Wiegers


Laura Lackmann Popescu

Sebastian Fremder


Henning Groß


Lars Duppler

Film info


Laura Lackmann Popescu



Country of production:


Production Company:

Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin



Shooting format:

16 mm

Screening format:


Frame rate:

24 fps

Aspect ratio:


Sound format: