Say You Love Me

Former ice-skating champion BIANCA (40) devotedly trains her prodigy son MALIK (13) for an upcoming competition. Sensing that Bianca is fantasizing of leaving him, Malik punishes his mother by provoking an accident with his choreographer SERGEI (25). Trapped in their very own cycle of violence, mother and son are staggering between intimate tenderness and a brutal distance, challenging the boundaries of their unconditional love.
Tinka Fürst
Arthur Wolfgang Mai
Joti Polizoakis
Camera: Antonia Lange
Script: Marijana Verhoef
Producer: Elena Zurbuch
Editing: Jil Lange
Music: Jared Meier-Klodt
DirectorRegie: Kirsten Brandt
GenreGattung: fictional
Production CountryProduktionsland: Germany
Production CompanyProduktionsfirma: Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin
ProductionProduktion: 2021
Recording FormatDrehformat: Digital
Screening FormatVorführformat: 1:1,85
Frame RateBildgeschwindigkeit: 24 fps
Aspect RatioSeitenverhältnis: 1:1,85
Sound FormatTonformat: 5.1
LanguageSprache: German with English subtitles
FassungFassung: OV
Running TimeLaufzeit: 15 min