The Film Network Berlin is a meeting point for professional filmmakers who live and work in Berlin.

The aim of the network is to bring filmmakers in contact with each other through regular events and to enable the exchange of knowledge within the film industry. Filmmakers are supported through get-togethers, workshops, panels, a pitch and a mentoring program. Members are encouraged to actively approach one another, learn from each other and hopefully find the right person for collaborative projects.



Filmmakers are given the opportunity to come together in conversation, address industry-specific questions and initiate collaborations at the monthly coffee club and other networking events in cooperation with partners in the Berlin film industry.



Through a diverse workshop and seminar program, practical knowledge and film specific know-how are imparted. Insight into the work of established filmmakers is provided through informative talks and the presentation of successful project examples.



The mentoring program offers new talents a chance to be professionally guided and closely supervised by an experienced mentor. During a period of three to six months, mentees are supported in the realization of their own projects and in their professional development.



Members are supported in the implementation of their projects by means of cooperative partnerships with film festivals, other networks, professional associations and more. In this way, the network provides new input as well as concrete advice.

The Film Network Berlin is free of charge. Filmmakers who want to join the Network and have their residency in Berlin are eligible by proof of work within professional audio-visual media and film.


The Film Network Berlin is funded by the European Regional development Fund (ERDF).