A devel­op­ment grant for inno­v­a­tive and exper­i­men­tal nar­ra­tive and doc­u­men­tary audio­vi­su­al con­tent.

What is DIGI.TALe?

DIGI.TALe was developed in 2017 by the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg in cooperation with the Film University Babelsberg and the DFFB. The programme’s goal is to explore new possibilities of cinematic storytelling that stem from digital production and distribution technologies.

DIGI.TALe promotes the development of narrative and documentary audiovisual content.

The innovative and experimental character of the selected projects is important: from web series and apps to narrative games and interactive storyworlds, from virtual and augmented reality applications to transmedial hybrid formats, for YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp, everything is possible.


Project development / Submission

Students of the DFFB’s main study programme can participate in DIGI.TALe. To do so, students must develop an idea and project content, choose a selected medium that can support the content, and create a financing plan with potential industry partners and co-producers. Furthermore, consideration must be given to appropriate distribution strategies, platforms, social media strategies, festival submissions, etc.

The goal is to create marketable content that can be distributed through the active participation of the team.

A jury consisting of representatives from the Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, the digital industry, the Film University Babelsberg, and the DFFB will decide which projects participate in the programme.

The pilot project was successfully launched in 2017 and will now be continued.


All DIGI.TALe projects from the DFFB

In 2017, Henning Wagner and Tobias Gaede, both production students, developed the interactive web series United Audience. The first episode "Alienize" was presented as a prototype at the Media Convention Berlin 2017.

In 2018, three projects were developed as part of DIGI.TALe and presented by the students at the Media Convention:

  • Klara Harden (cinematography student) with "Green City" (multimedia project)
  • Sonja Aufderklamm (cinematography student) and Julia Bruton (producing graduate) with "The Matriarx!"(VR project)
  • Christoph Rath (directing student) with "Sind wir allein?" (serial interactive short film format)

The video of the Media Convention 2018 can be found here.