The first pro­fes­sion­al train­ing pro­gramme for colour grad­ing.

The DFFB created the world's first intensive long-form postgraduate training programme dedicated exclusively to colour correction: UP.GRADE - Colouring Tomorrow. For four years, UP.GRADE was supported by CREATIVE EUROPE’s programme MEDIA, as well as by ARRI, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, and Technicolor.

Through UP.GRADE, the DFFB has been able to satisfy the enormous demand for knowledge that has arisen from the digitalisation of all production processes over the last 15 years. UP.GRADE has trained participants in the technical, theoretical, practical, and aesthetic aspects of colour grading.

Unfortunately, the funding from CREATIVE EUROPE’s programme MEDIA was discontinued in 2019.

There was a comprehensive short programme in summer 2019. Participants deepened their knowledge on all essential aspects of colour grading through six workshops.

The workshops included the following topics: Acquisition, Workflows, Toolset, Creative and Exhibition. Each workshop took place in Berlin over a period of 5 days and was held in English.

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