We are loo­king for a DOP (unpaid gig) for a gra­dua­ti­on short film. Curr­ent­ly, this is an unpaid posi­ti­on, but we do offer a love­ly atmo­sphe­re, high level pro­duc­tion, and working in a skil­led team who rolls in a film indus­try for more than 6 years. You will get a won­derful show­re­el, title and gre­at con­nec­tions!

Log­li­ne: Irma reve­als her pregnan­cy to a sis­ter, who is not impres­sed by that, becau­se the church she belongs to does­n’t endor­se lonely pregnant girls. But Irma does­n’t tell all the truth: she is a sur­ro­ga­te mother for a gay cou­ple. Sto­ry takes ten­se when the gays get divorced.

The shoo­ting peri­od is the begin­ning of Novem­ber. We expect to have around 4 shifts.