Looking for DOP :)

short film – non budget – unpaid

Hey all,

I’m currently looking for a DOP, who is willing to help me out for an upcoming short film „Civic Duty“, that’s to be shot from the 14.02. – 15.02. in Berlin. The film is part of a university application.

The film tells the story of Liam, who witnessed the beat up of a young woman at a train station. Liam now is pushed by his Dad to come forward and help to identify suspects held in custody

As mentioned this is a non-budget production, however rental costs, transport and catering will of course be provided. If you’re interested in the project, then please send an email to moc.l1586405659iamg@1586405659attel1586405659akozn1586405659e1586405659.

Thanks for reading!