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The film is a portray of Nirit Ben Joseph (52) an Israeli that is living in Berlin for 26 years. Moving to Berlin at the age of 25 for the love of a German partner, Nirit has since become an in-separate part of the city and is described by many as “a Berliner from Israel”. Working as an historical tour guide of the city, Nirit's most common audience is Israeli's visiting Berlin to explore the dark past of Jewish-German history. Nirit does not feel a need to belong to a greater collective, but at the same time has a complicated perspective to her religion, nationality and tradition. The film delves into questions of national, religious and personal identity in todays multicultural world. At the age of 5, I first had to deal with questions of national and religious identity, having moved to England from Israel for 4 years. Ever since, this has been an issue in my life. Today and for the past 5 years I am in a serious relationship with a German partner, Kathrin. This has sparked more questions in my life relating to national and religious identity. I see in Nirit a special personality of someone who has provoked out-of-the-box thinking in me and others on this subject.
Nirit Ben Joseph
Buch: Amos Geva
Kamera: Patrick Jasim, Amir Cohn
Produktion: Amos Geva
Schnitt: Idan Neuman
Ton: Aviad Zinemanes
DirectorRegie: Amos Geva
GenreGattung: documentary
Production CountryProduktionsland:
Production CompanyProduktionsfirma: Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin Tel Aviv University
ProductionProduktion: 2014
Recording FormatDrehformat: HD (ex3)
Screening FormatVorführformat: 16:9
Frame RateBildgeschwindigkeit: 24 fps
Aspect RatioSeitenverhältnis: 16:9
Sound FormatTonformat: 5.1 surround
FassungFassung: OV

64. Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin EFM (06.-16.02.2014)

Montreal World Film Festival (27.08.-07.09.2014)


Running TimeLaufzeit: 26