Loo­king for two male actors (kis­sing and par­ti­al nudi­ty requi­red) – dark come­dy – aiming for Ber­li­na­le

I’m loo­king for 2 male actors (kis­sing and par­ti­al nudi­ty requi­red) for my upco­ming short film cal­led ‚The Last Day in the Life of the Man Who Died‘. It will be shot in Ber­lin on June 22nd and June 23rd. To app­ly, plea­se send a brief note to inbox@​wilfredocasas.​com or Whats­App +4915781295360.

They have, in total, 3 sce­nes that will last appro­xi­m­ate­ly 1 minu­te in total. You can find two of tho­se sce­nes here (in the last one they are just chil­ling and eating pop­corn at a cine­ma thea­ter).

The­se roles are cri­ti­cal and pro­ba­b­ly the most chal­len­ging in the film; per­for­mance, com­fort play­ing the roles, and che­mis­try among the two actors are more important than looks or age.

The film is a no-bud­get pro­duc­tion. A sym­bo­lic com­pen­sa­ti­on of 20 euros is offe­red for each of the actors. Good and nut­ri­tio­nal home­ma­de food will be pro­vi­ded.


About the film­ma­ker:

My name is Wil­fre­do, 31 years old, and from Peru. I wro­te, orga­ni­zed, and direc­ted 21 short films in a year with no school or pre­vious expe­ri­ence. You can find them here.

One of them was scree­ned at Inter­film 2023, which hel­ped all the actors jump­start their care­ers: Inter­film 2023.

This one will be at least as good as the best of them. I am aiming for Ber­li­na­le with this work.