The German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB), founded in 1966, is one of the most prominent film schools in Europe. Focusing on the essential crafts of filmmaking, the school offers five specializations: Screenwriting, Cinematography, Directing, Producing and Editing & Sound. The DFFB is a place where young filmmakers from Germany and abroad come together to tell stories and to make creative and innovative films. Prominent DFFB graduates include Helke Sander, Christian Petzold, Angela Schanelec, Wolfgang Becker, Lars Kraume and Emily Atef. The DFFB also offers attractive specialization opportunities through its internationally oriented education programm Serial Eyes.


Fri, 06. October 2023 | 11:00

Graudation Ceremony 2023

Fri, 06. October 2023 | 20:00

Semester Kick Off 2023

Sat, 18. November 2023 | 11:00

Open House Day 2023


›Women, life, liberty‹ The German film schools stand with the peaceful protests in Iran

»We ask you to echo the rallying cries of Iranians for freedom. Become the voice of those people who are paying with their lives for freedom« Iranian filmmakers recently requested in an open letter. The death of Mahsa Amini while in police custody and the increasing repressions because of the countrywide protests have shocked us …

Serial Eyes celebrates its 10th year with a new Head of Studies and exciting developments

Serial Eyes, the DFFB’s postgraduate training programme for writers of television series, is celebrating its tenth year. With the achievement of this milestone, the DFFB has taken further steps to secure the programme’s successful future: a freshly appointed Head of Studies, a new industry partner, a new advisory board, and a new set of 12 …


At the DFFB, around 120 films — including 15 feature films — are written, directed, produced, and edited each year. They travel to around 200 film festivals worldwide and, in 2018, they won prizes in 25 festivals.

Here you can find a selection of DFFB films that are either brand new or currently travelling to the most important international festivals.