The German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB) is one of the most prominent film schools in Europe. Founded in 1966, the DFFB is both an academy of screen technique and a production atelier for new voices and ideas in film and television. Prominent DFFB graduates include Helke Sander, Christian Petzold, Angela Schanelec, Wolfgang Becker, Lars Kraume and Emily Atef. Concentrating on the essential crafts of filmmaking, the DFFB offers five specializations in Directing, Producing, Cinematography, Screenwriting and Editing/Sound. With its special openness to international teaching, students, cultural influences, techniques and emerging platforms, the DFFB study program sets intense and collaborative standards including the development of practical skills, growing knowledge of film history and a deeper understanding of the economic and production conditions of the film and television industry. Especially the teaching of aesthetic and formal strategies enables students to develop an individual artistic spectrum that unites narrative forms both classic and new.

In September, our new professional training programme NEXT WAVE, 
focussed on  in 21st-century film markets, starts. The programme runs for 9 months and covers sales, distribution, curatorship, marketing and audience engagement.

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Mariel Baqueiro wins the prize for Best Camera awarded by the Verband der Deutschen Filmkritik (German Film Critics Association)

The Prize of German Film Critics is the only German film prize awarded exclusively by critics. The prize has an impressive reputation, and is not based on economic, country, or political criteria, but solely on an artistic criterion. In the past, the prize was also awarded to outstanding films and directors of the year; it …


DFFB films you should know

At DFFB, around 120 films – including 15 feature films – are developed, produced and edited every year. They travel to around 200 film festivals worldwide. In 2018, they won prizes in 25 festivals.

Here you can find a selection of three to four DFFB films which are either brand new or are currently traveling to the most important festivals worldwide.